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Pallets, manufacturing and sales

DOO Draft Debeljača

single use pallets 800x1200

Single use pallets
800x1200 mm

Price: ask

light pallets 800x1200

Light pallets
800x1200 mm

Price: ask

second class pallets

Second class pallets
800x1200 mm

Price: ask

custom pallets

Custom size

Price: ask

We manufacture and sell pallets pictured above,
EURO size (800x1200 mm, 1000x1200 mm, 800x600 mm) ISPM 15 heat treated pallets without an EPAL stamp,
as well as various other pallet types requested by our customers,
if larger quantities are required.

When ordering please state the following:

•  Pallet dimensions (WxLxH)

•  Forklift enterances (4/2)

•  What will the pallet carry

•  The weight of the freight

•  Where will the pallets be

•  The required quantity


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